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We are Amanda and Laura and we are thrilled that you are here! We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to truly embrace the messes in life and kick ass in life and business.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

026 – STOP doing these 5 things to enjoy success!

By Podcast Rockstars | 10/31/2019

Over and over people are telling you… do this… do this… do this… well, today Laura is sharing what to STOP doing. There is so much “noise” in life, it’s important to realize what you are doing and saying and STOP doing a few things so you can truly kick ass in life & biz.…

025 – What it takes for Success + What Work From Home model could be best for you!?

By Podcast Rockstars | 10/29/2019

If only success was just… “show me what to do and I’ll do it, and have instant success”… I wish, right!?. But, WAIT… maybe it is!? Ooohhh… this could be good to hear and learn!  Today Amanda shares all the business models she’s done from home + the principles it takes to have success and…

024 – How to stay true to yourself, reduce the pressures of society, and pour rocket fuel on your life & biz!

By Podcast Rockstars | 10/24/2019

You look at the social media stream and see others crushing it and you think… “why not me?”… “how are they doing it ALL?”… “when will I be able to have it all together like THEM?”… the reality is… they started at the BOTTOM too. We all have to start and take one step at…


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So, you may be wondering, who are these chicks? And what makes them qualified to be giving me advice, tools, and resources to have success in life and business?

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First, we are passionate entrepreneurs who have survived the "rollercoaster" of emotions associated with owning your own business. With all the twists, turns, and hot messes, we are now excited to NOT be the solo experts, but rather bring you a variety of amazing entrepreneurs to share with you their hot messes, hot successes, and their tips, tricks, ideas, tools, and resources to kick ass in life and business.

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