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Hey friends!

We are Amanda and Laura and we are thrilled that you are here! We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to truly embrace the messes in life and kick ass in life and business.

We appreciate you and are thrilled that you are taking the time to learn more to level up your life & biz!

Big Hugs,

Amanda and Laura

Latest Podcast Episodes

039 – Halftime Show Review…. to judge or not to judge… that is the question!

By Podcast Rockstars | 02/11/2020

Empowerment… Judgment… Do you need to “check” yourself and pause to love more and judge less? Are you afraid to level up in life, because others are so quick to judge what you are doing in your life? We hear ya… it’s sometimes the sad reality!Listen in as Amanda and Laura hash out the halftime…

038 – Ready to DITCH BUSY and Kick Ass in Life & Biz!? Real life tips & tricks from our favorite girl … Kate Erickson!

By Podcast Rockstars | 02/04/2020

NOTE TO LISTENERS: We had audio glitches with Amanda early on in this interview… eeek… but, it does go away, hang in there! What the what…?!? Girl Crush… Eeekkk… OMGosh… We love Kate and we are so excited to have her on the show! This amazing woman is a powerhouse entrepreneur, podcaster, and so much…

037 – What makes you happy? How can you be happier? Listen to Dillon Barr of “The Happiness Gap”!

By Podcast Rockstars | 01/28/2020

What the what? A GUY on our podcast!! Yes, oh yes! The first guy on our podcast today is pretty amazing!! Look at his line-up… Top sales rep… self-published author… world traveler… long distant relationship… wow, wow, wow… today’s interview with Dillon Barr, author of The Happiness Gap: How to Achieve Success Without Focusing on…


About Us

So, you may be wondering, who are these chicks? And what makes them qualified to be giving me advice, tools, and resources to have success in life and business?

Great question!

First, we are passionate entrepreneurs who have survived the "rollercoaster" of emotions associated with owning your own business. With all the twists, turns, and hot messes, we are now excited to NOT be the solo experts, but rather bring you a variety of amazing entrepreneurs to share with you their hot messes, hot successes, and their tips, tricks, ideas, tools, and resources to kick ass in life and business.

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