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Hey friends!

We are Amanda and Laura and we are thrilled that you are here! We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to truly embrace the messes in life and kick ass in life and business.

We appreciate you and are thrilled that you are taking the time to learn more to level up your life & biz!

Big Hugs,

Amanda and Laura

Latest Podcast Episodes

036 – Determination – Rejection – FB – IG – Hashtags… Oh my!! Social Media Marketing Hot Tips & More from Erica Martin! This episode is straight FIRE!

By Podcast Rockstars | 01/21/2020

Persistence and Determination… She’s one hell of a boss babe… You gotta meet… Erica Martin!! She shares her story as an entrepreneur landing her dream job at Target corporate to launching several of her own businesses, and now her very own Marketing Agency! She never gives up until her mission is accomplished and then she…

035 – How to start a PODCAST… Why are we podcasting? What does it take to start a podcast?

By Podcast Rockstars | 01/14/2020

Podcasting… to do or not to do? Who should podcast? What are the benefits? Is it right for you and your biz? Amanda and Laura share why they choose to podcast, the resources they love, the podcasting community they feel is amazing, and all the other fun details on podcasting fun! Podcasting is a fun…

034 – Life Drama & Hot Mess Health Issues… How are we kicking it all to the curb and going to rock 2020!?

By Podcast Rockstars | 01/07/2020

SEASON 3 is here + 2020!!! … Crap Shoot… or… Holy Hot Mess Whirlwind… either could be the title of Laura’s life in 2019… hear how Amanda and Laura are wiping the slate clean from 2019 and ready to rock 2020! Have you ever felt life was just dealing you one hot mess after another?…


About Us

So, you may be wondering, who are these chicks? And what makes them qualified to be giving me advice, tools, and resources to have success in life and business?

Great question!

First, we are passionate entrepreneurs who have survived the "rollercoaster" of emotions associated with owning your own business. With all the twists, turns, and hot messes, we are now excited to NOT be the solo experts, but rather bring you a variety of amazing entrepreneurs to share with you their hot messes, hot successes, and their tips, tricks, ideas, tools, and resources to kick ass in life and business.

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