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Hey friends!

We are Amanda and Laura and we are thrilled that you are here! We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs to truly embrace the messes in life and kick ass in life and business.

We appreciate you and are thrilled that you are taking the time to learn more to level up your life & biz!

Big Hugs,

Amanda and Laura

Latest Podcast Episodes

30 – Relationship Expert, Dr Shelly, shares her tips for SEXcess in life & biz!

By Podcast Rockstars | 12/03/2019

The wait is over, Dr. Shelly is here to share all the dirty and sexy details of how you can channel your sexual energy for SEXcess!!! All the way from her paradise office in Mexico, she share the hot saucy topic of sexual energy, relationships, self love, and so much more.Nothing is held back! Why?…

29 – Are FB and IG ads necessary for success? Hot tips to maximize your marketing!

By Podcast Rockstars | 11/26/2019

What, when, where, how!?!? Ahhh… (insert hair pulling and eye roll)… it can seem like madness trying to figure out the online marketing world. Should you do paid ads? If so, how much should you pay? Who should you target? It’s not an easy task to navigate the marketing on FB and IG, but today’s…

028 – Divorce Disaster to Devotion to God … Plus, Turtle Races… oh yes, it’s true!

By Podcast Rockstars | 11/19/2019

Just when life seemed like it was on auto-pilot, sometimes everything comes crashing down. From a devastating divorce to finding her true calling as an inspirational speaker and author, Heidi Studer, shares her journey and how she keeps her fire burning.  Forgiveness, peace, and love are what fill Heidi’s heart as she is now fulfilling…


About Us

So, you may be wondering, who are these chicks? And what makes them qualified to be giving me advice, tools, and resources to have success in life and business?

Great question!

First, we are passionate entrepreneurs who have survived the "rollercoaster" of emotions associated with owning your own business. With all the twists, turns, and hot messes, we are now excited to NOT be the solo experts, but rather bring you a variety of amazing entrepreneurs to share with you their hot messes, hot successes, and their tips, tricks, ideas, tools, and resources to kick ass in life and business.

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