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5 Good Reasons to Find Your WHY

5 Good Reasons To Find Your “Why” There are quite a few reasons to find your “why”, your reason for getting up in the morning and doing what you do. Finding your purpose can be a powerful thing and it goes well beyond the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something worthwhile. Let’s take a look…

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What’s the Purpose of Your Life?

Let me ask you a question… Are you living a purpose driven life? Or are you living day to day, just moving along wherever life chooses to take you? We live in a time and age filed with distractions. We are bombarded by media at all hours of the day and night. It’s easy to lose…

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Can You Really Love What You Do?

Do What You Love – Love What You Do. When you get up in the morning you have a choice. You can look forward to the day ahead, or you can dread it. And much of that choice depends on how much you like what you’re getting ready to do for the next 16 hours…

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