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024 – How to stay true to yourself, reduce the pressures of society, and pour rocket fuel on your life & biz!

You look at the social media stream and see others crushing it and you think… “why not me?”… “how are they doing it ALL?”… “when will I be able to have it all together like THEM?”… the reality is… they started at the BOTTOM too. We all have to start and take one step at a time before we can develop our own well-oiled success machine.

When you pause, reflect, dig deep within yourself, recognize your strengths, outsource, and empower yourself you will be unstoppable, it’s truly like pouring rocket fuel on your life and biz. Hear how Laura and Amanda have made it through the “shiny object syndrome”… and “the comparison trap”… to truly embrace the realities of the hard work and consistency it takes to enjoy success.

It doesn’t stop there though, it’s also vital to know who you serve and what you want to deliver to your audience, fans, friends, and clients. Digging deep to really get to know your audience (aka avatar) is essential to your long term business success. Amanda and Laura share how this has been a challenge for them and how they take this process very seriously, as they want to deliver the very best to YOU, our awesome friends and fans!

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  • Who do you serve?
  • How to say NO and feel good about it!
  • Comparison syndrome, is it a real thing?
  • Digging deep inside to know who you are, what you want, and where you are going!






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About the author, Podcast Rockstars

Amanda and Laura have experienced many hot messes and successes.

They are excited to share their combined 30+ years of entrepreneurial & life experiences to help others kick ass in life and business.

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