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038 – Ready to DITCH BUSY and Kick Ass in Life & Biz!? Real life tips & tricks from our favorite girl … Kate Erickson!

NOTE TO LISTENERS: We had audio glitches with Amanda early on in this interview… eeek… but, it does go away, hang in there!

What the what…?!? Girl Crush… Eeekkk… OMGosh… We love Kate and we are so excited to have her on the show! This amazing woman is a powerhouse entrepreneur, podcaster, and so much more!

Kate Erickson just launched her NEW podcast “Ditch Busy” and she and JLD run the biggest online podcast community Podcast Paradise! Check out the links below to connect with her, the free podcast course, her new podcast and so much more!

Her tips on how you can DITCH BUSY and maximize your life are hot, hot, hot! Grab a pen, take notes, and enjoy this epic episode that’s full of real-life tips you can implement to level up your life today!

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  • Real people having real success!
  • How to ditch busy and maximize your life!
  • You can maximize your days and not feel overwhelmed, it’s possible!
  • Take back control of your life!
  • Check out this FREE Podcast Masterclass, Amanda and I highly recommend JLD and Podcast Paradise, it was a game-changer for us!







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About the author, Podcast Rockstars

Amanda and Laura have experienced many hot messes and successes.

They are excited to share their combined 30+ years of entrepreneurial & life experiences to help others kick ass in life and business.

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