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027 – How do you stay HEALTHY as a busy Entrepreneur!? Implement these awesome ideas, today!

Life is busy. How do you make your health and wellness a priority? How do you also implement this with your family? What if they are resistant? 

Hear from this awesome rockstar, Wendie Pett, she is a wealth of knowledge and has a passion to help females feel better and be their very best. Learn how to add exercise while you drive, WHAT? Learn how to take the natural approach to heal your body. You will learn so much in this episode, so grab your pen and paper!

It’s your time to level up and be your very best. Listen in as Wendie shares awesome ideas on how we can be our very best in our health since our health is our true wealth.

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  • WORK WITH WENDIE! Learn about her 7-week program now!
  • Can you heal your body with nutrition?
  • How to exercise as a busy mom!
  • Food! What to eat!? What not to eat!?
  • How to lock arms with Wendie and have her guide you right into 2020!






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Amanda and Laura have experienced many hot messes and successes.

They are excited to share their combined 30+ years of entrepreneurial & life experiences to help others kick ass in life and business.

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